Actions that can be taken

  1.  Ask for more information.  Write to UniSuper to ask for any information that you require to make a decision.  This could include the above or any matters specific to your financial situation.
  2.  Ask to move to accumulation as fund now 100% funded.  If having looked at the information provided and deciding you could be better off in accumulation, make a formal request, stating your benefits are to be reduced and you have only now been provided with enough information to make a proper decision.
  3. Ask the union to represent you in seeking a package of discounted  financial advice, the right to transfer and to ask for DBD to no longer be the default fund.
  4. As a pensioner seek advice to understand the risk of a reduction of  pension.
  5. Review options outlined in An Uncertain Future.

General warning

The material in this paper is of the nature of general comment only and does not represent professional advice. It is not intended to provide specific guidance for particular circumstances and it should not be relied on as the basis for any decision to take action or not take action on any matter that it covers. Members especially older members close to retirement who need to preserve their benefits for retirement and should not be taking significant risks with those funds, should obtain appropriate professional advice before making any such decision. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the author disclaims all responsibility and liability to any person, arising directly or indirectly from any person taking or not taking action based on the information in this paper.


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